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10 Ideas for How to Make Your Wife Feel Special

By March 23, 2022December 2nd, 2022No Comments

Valentine’s Day is the national holiday of love and romance. Well, that holiday is over. So, now what? I can only speak for myself here. This is why I wrote this post with my wife in mind. So, if you’re a wife reading this post, feel free to share it with your husband!

I can use all of the reminders I can get when it comes to romance and thoughtfulness. As a husband, I understand I’m supposed to pursue my wife regularly—not just on a romantic holiday. But how can husbands show love when it’s just a regular day? Here are 10 ideas for how to make your wife feel special.

10 Ideas for How to Make Your Wife Feel Special

Your wife should be the most important person in your life. You should want to show your love every single day in a thousand different ways. Do I sound like a Valentine’s Day card yet?! Don’t answer that!

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married, as a husband, your wife needs to be shown your love. She needs to see evidence from you that she is loved, honored, and cherished. These 10 ideas are just that—ideas. Use them to help spur you to think of greater ideas.

  1. Open her door for her.
  2. Don’t walk ahead of her. Let her stay a half step in front of you when you walk.
  3. Stand before she sits at the table.
  4. Pull out her chair for her when she sits.
  5. Cool off or warm up her car before she leaves in the morning (depending on the season).
  6. If she likes them, surprise her with flowers or small gifts on a regular basis.
  7. Send nice texts. Write her notes of encouragement. Compliment often.
  8. Interrupt whatever you are doing and take her phone calls.
  9. Take her coffee or tea in the morning. Preferably before she leaves the bedroom.
  10. Get good at a gentle, non-sexual touch, with no expectations.

Grace Marriage Mission

Consider the list of 10 ideas and pick one to do for your wife this week.