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3 at home date night ideas to keep the romance alive

By July 22, 2020December 23rd, 2022No Comments

At home date night ideas. Sounds, fun right? Well, let me ask you something else: is romance a priority in your marriage? I didn’t say sex, but romance. And yes, they can be two different things.

Most couples are excellent at the romance piece while dating. It’s fun to woo each other with romantic dates and enjoy conversations about the future.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long after the marriage ceremony for the romance piece of the relationship to become basically nonexistent. Why do we let such a fun, life-giving piece of our relationship get pushed out so easily?

If we are honest with ourselves, romance takes time and planning. It’s hard to make time to think through and plan out romance when so many other things need our immediate attention.

We need to try and change our mindset and see romance as an integral part of our marriage health. While unconditional love is the heartbeat of a healthy marriage, romance can be the outward expression of that commitment.

Of course, there are the common ways to be romantic such as: a candlelit dinner, taking a walk during the sunset, or sending flowers. But what if you could find some surprising, fun, and free ways to be romantic with your spouse?

at home date night ideas

Here are three (3) at home date night ideas to keep the romance alive:


#1 Write a love letter.

It may seem “old school” to write letters in the age of text messages and email, but there is something about hand writing a letter that makes it more meaningful and romantic. Knowing your spouse took the time to write down the reasons they love and appreciate us is special. Make a night of it by ordering takeout, lighting a candle, and reviewing your letters! It’s also something that marks time and can be looked at again and again to remember how romantic and sweet your spouse is.

#2 Remember the little things.

Be a student of your spouse. Everyone is different, but everyone loves to be noticed and served. Serve your spouse in the specific ways that mean the most to them.

Maybe your wife really enjoys a back or foot massage. Maybe your husband loves it when you give him a kiss as soon as he walks in the door. Maybe you both feel cherished when the other picks up that favorite coffee on the way home from work.

It can be anything, but the main idea is to do the things you know your spouse loves because you’ve watched and listened closely to them. It can mean sacrificing your own needs to meet those of your spouse. Selfishness and romance are not a good team. What does your spouse enjoy that you can do this week?


#3 Take a walk around your neighborhood, just the two of you.

Okay, this isn’t exactly an “at home” idea. But, just in case you’re tired of staying in, use this time to talk about the things you love about each other. Make work, kids, and schedules off limits for these special romantic walks. Enjoy time with your best friend outside. Getting out of the house to enjoy nature and have a conversation without distractions is romantic and enjoyable. You can do this and still stay close to home!

While simple and easy to implement, these three at-home date nights will continue to bring you and your spouse together intimately. Marriage cannot be based on romantic feelings alone, but no one can deny their need for closeness and intimacy.

The goal of romance is to take time to emotionally connect and realize why you are more than just friends or roommates. Song of Solomon talks about being “exhilarated” with your spouse.

How often do you feel exhilarated by your spouse? Maybe these romantic date night ideas could be a special way to show love to our spouse. There isn’t anyone else in your life you need to romance, so do it well and do it often. 



Louise has been married for 15 years and has four children. She loves to write and edit, but her full-time job is homeschooling her children in Colorado Springs.