What is Grace Marriage?

Grace Marriage is a proactive wellness marriage coaching structure designed to help all marriages improve. Grace Marriage assists the local church in implementing an effective and ongoing marriage wellness ministry.

Why is this called Grace Marriage?

We are named Grace Marriage because the grace of Christ is our only hope for life, eternity and marriage. In Christ alone do we find life and relationship and can find satisfaction in God and God alone. Many are asking from marriage what marriage can never deliver. God forgives us, is faithful and delivers security and satisfaction. Then, needing nothing, we are free to give everything to one another.

We believe our hope is not in the improvement of man, but in the perfection of Christ. Then, with a foundation of grace and forgiveness, sin is met with love and grace instead of distance or consequence. Then, sin no longer has dominion over the marriage, as it has been put under grace not law. See Romans 6:14. God’s grace is the foundation of Grace Marriage coaching.

What are the specifics of the coaching?

A couple will meet with a group of couples one time every ninety days for a six-hour period. During these six hours, the couple will be refreshed by the grace of Christ, engaged with concepts and strategies, apply them to their marriage, talk with one another and share insights (to the extent they are comfortable) with the group.

How long does Grace Marriage last?

It is an ongoing ministry. Nothing is great by accident! Grace Marriage coaching is intended to start a rhythm where couples look big picture and intentionally work on their marriage once a quarter, year after year.

How much does it cost?

There is a yearly cost per couple to be in Grace Marriage coaching which covers all the resources, support, materials and training. This cost varies by church depending on whether child care is made available. Since Grace Marriage is participant paid, there is no cost to the church budget.  Please contact us and we can walk you through the various cost structures.

How do groups start?

The local church implements Grace Marriage as their marriage ministry to provide an outlet for couples in the church and community to proactively work on their marriages. Once the local church engages Grace Marriage, everything necessary to implement the groups will be provided.

Who leads the groups?

It could be you! Facilitators are couples who are willing to keep the day moving and move couples through the material during the day. Facilitators are both participants and leaders of the group. The role of the facilitator is not to teach; it is to keep the day on track and help keep couples focused on their marriage.

How do we get started?

Contact the Grace Marriage team to work with your local church to implement this structure at your church.

For an effective and ongoing marriage ministry, contact us today.

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