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Five unique date ideas for your marriage

By January 21, 2021December 21st, 2022No Comments

Marilyn made me a cake for my birthday not long ago. The cake was good, but the icing really made it. When you add icing, it triples the “cake enjoyment factor.”

My 16-year-old daughter adopts this concept. She likes sugar as much as Buddy in the movie “Elf.” She’ll even put icing on her cookies. I tasted her cookies (one time) and the icing definitely took the cookie to a new level.

So, what if we made a practice of adding “icing” to our dates? For dates, “icing” is simply adding one fun thing to the date to make it more special. Here are five ways to add “icing” to your dates.


Date idea #1: Dessert.

It could be at a nice restaurant or you could sit and enjoy Dairy Queen Blizzard’s together. Double heath is my strong recommendation.

Date idea #2: Walk.

Find a pretty location, hold hands, and simply walk for twenty minutes at the end of the date. It could be a nice trail by a river or around a nice neighborhood.

Date idea #3: Sex.

Plan and close off the date with physical intimacy. I know a Grace Marriage couple who had a bad date. At the end of the date, the wife pursued him and said. “I won’t allow this to be a totally bad date.” They still remember this “bad date.” The “icing” (intimacy) made the “bad cake” (the date) good.

Date idea #4: Coffee.

At the end of the date, go enjoy a good coffee together.

Date idea #5: Massage.

Take turns giving each other fifteen minute back, foot, or hand massages. For the spouse with the higher sex drive, don’t insist you move to idea #3 on this list. 😊 However, double icing never hurt anything.


Date regularly and add icing to make the dates even more special.


Grace Marriage Mission.

Pick one of the above “icing” ideas and complete your mission this evening!

Brad Rhoads is Co-Founder of Grace Marriage.