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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! From the food, lights, parties, and Mariah Carey music (yes, “All I Want for Christmas is You is my jam!), it can be so much fun. However, there can be some struggles. It’s all about keeping things in perspective and staying focused. 

Just to give an example, I remember when my children were in grade school, and the week before Christmas break, each day they had a different Christmas dress-up theme. I would get so frustrated trying to turn my daughter into a candy cane! There is also the financial stress of the holidays, the stress of having to visit people you don’t like and people—who don’t like you, cleaning the house for company, and the dreaded family picture (you know every mom is threatening to cancel Christmas and cut the Wi-Fi if the kids don’t act like they like each other). So, the most wonderful time of the year can slowly become the most challenging time of the year. 

Handling The Most Challenging Time of the Year

In the Bible, David also faced some challenges. During one of the most famous parts of his life, we know God called David to the battlefield to bring down Goliath. David knew his focus and his battle was Goliath, but on his way, other opportunities to battle surfaced.   

First Samuel 17:28 says, David’s oldest brother Eliab listened as he spoke to the men, and he became angry with him. “Why did you come down here?” he asked. “Who did you leave those few sheep with in the wilderness? I know your arrogance and your evil heart—you came down to see the battle!” Chapter 17 verse 30 follows, “Then he turned from those beside him to others in front of him and asked about the offer. The people gave him the same answer as before.”

David had a choice to make. He could listen to his brother tell him that he didn’t belong there, he was unqualified, and how awful of a person he was, however, David turned away from the conflict. David knew his battle was not with his brother, even though he may have been tempted to engage him, he chose to keep his focus on his calling. 

Many things will battle for our focus this holiday season, but we have to keep focused on God’s mission for our marriage and family. Taking time to pray and discuss, where you feel God is leading, might be a good place to start, before you begin your festivities.

The following are questions you might want to discuss with your spouse:

  • What is our mission as a couple this holiday season? 
  • When/where do we need to walk away (what battles are we fighting that are not ours to fight)? 
  • Who in our life is encouraging our marriage and our callings, and where do we need to establish healthy boundaries to protect our marriage and callings? 
  • Are you fighting together or against each other?…and if needed, how do you get on the same team? 

Enter into this holiday season mission-minded. God has a calling, purpose, and blessings for your marriage and your family (that Satan wants to distract you from). Protect your marriage and your family, utilize healthy boundaries and celebrate your victory together. 

Now, time for a peppermint mocha and a Hallmark movie. Enjoy this Most Wonderful Time of the Year.  Merry Christmas. (Someone Cue Mariah Carey)

Grace Marriage Mission

Grab your favorite holiday drink and do something that will get you “in the spirit” of the holidays. Trust me, this isn’t selfish. It will work wonders for your spouse and family during this season as well.