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How to grow your marriage: make it a couple’s project

By April 15, 2021December 19th, 2022No Comments

It seems like my husband always has a project he is working on. Most (if not all) of the time, it’s a project I’ve asked him to complete.

  • “Honey, would you mind changing out all the lightbulbs that are out in the house?”
  • “Babe, will you please fix the loose cabinet door in the kitchen?”
  • “Sweetheart, could you organize the garage this weekend? I could barely get my car inside this week.”

I could go on. But, you get the picture. I am definitely the queen of “honey-do lists.” Most of the time my sweet husband is happy to oblige.


“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works…“ —Hebrews 10:24


Last Summer, my husband and I decided to tackle a job on that list together…the backyard.

It was a mess, so I decided to jump on board and make it a couple’s project. We shoveled rocks together. We put together a veggie garden. We created a fire pit. We installed a playground and laid mulch around it.

My husband did most of the heavy lifting, but we were a team this time around.

When we finished, we had a sense of accomplishment that was different from our individual to-do lists. We did it together! We both care about its upkeep.

We continue to have conversations about how it’s working and what we love about it.

Working together deepens our confidence in each other in ways that romance and friendship don’t. It creates a deep sense of dependability and confidence in each other. We learned that we are on the same team and can accomplish great things together.

Praise the Lord for team projects that allow our marriage to grow stronger!

Here are a few ideas of projects you can tackle together as a couple—so you enjoy more time and connection together

  • Learn about plants or herbs together and make it a thing to do—every step of learning, planting, and nurturing.
  • Pick that one DIY project at your home you’ve been putting off forever. Work together on every step until completing the project.
  • Learn to meal plan and meal prep—so you spend time thinking through recipes and you both tackle cooking in the kitchen.
  • Find a local church, ministry, or organization, learn the biggest needs, and serve together any way that you can.


Grace Marriage Mission

Try to turn one of the items on your “honey-do” list into a team project. Jump in together to accomplish something that you can be proud of. I promise your sense of accomplishment and success will draw you closer together.