We help churches reimagine marriage ministry and equip husbands and wives to build marriages that reflect the Gospel.

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God created marriage for more gratitude. grace. connection.

When couples intentionally invest time, energy, and creativity into their marriage, their relationship moves from stagnant to life-giving. We help churches launch proactive, effective, and ongoing marriage ministries that make a generational impact.


Your marriage was made for more.

A marriage ministry curriculum to equip the local church with a proactive discipleship pathway for all stages of marriage.


See the Grace Marriage Impact


See the Grace Marriage Impact

"Grace Marriage is an invaluable resource to both couples and churches, providing practical tools to help marriages thrive."

Dr. Juli SlatteryAuthor & Speaker

"Grace Marriage is unparalleled as a gospel-centered discipleship strategy that is wisely proactive and practically comprehensive. Seek them out as soon as possible so that husbands and wives will see how Jesus makes a difference in their marriage!"

Robert K. Cheong, Ph.D.Pastor - Sojourn Church Midtown | Founder - Gospel Care Ministries

"I love the ministry of Grace Marriage. They will help prepare you, equip you, and challenge you
to learn how to succeed in your marriage."

Debra FiletaCounselor, Author & Speaker

"Grace Marriage has been a blessing to our church in tangible ways. I've seen couples who are just getting started benefit from it and those married for twenty-plus years."

Jamaal WilliamsLead Pastor of Sojourn Church Midtown | President, Harbor Network

"I highly recommend Grace Marriage if you are looking for a pathway of marital care within your church!"

Nathan ThompsonClinical Counselor - Southeast Christian Church

"Grace Marriage has been such a blessing to our church. It’s really been a game changer for our couples."

Jon BellCampus Pastor | Harvest Bible Chapel

"I'm so thankful for Grace Marriage! The health and vibrancy of our marriages largely determine the health of our congregations, our kids and our culture."

Gary ThomasPastor, Author & Speaker


Shift the Drift in your marriage.

We have 8 simple questions to help you assess where your marriage is now. After the quiz, you’ll receive your results and a few helpful tips to stay more connected with your spouse.

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Serving church leaders with a strategy for the ongoing discipleship of married couples.


Helping business leaders invest in the relational wellness of their employees.


Guiding couples to be intentional and build their marriage on the foundation of grace.

Cofounders, Brad & Marilyn Rhoads, spent their first year of marriage sad, isolated and frustrated. As a former attorney, Brad spent all of his time and energy building his law practice. Marilyn was left isolated and sad. God intervened and Grace Marriage was founded to help couples thrive.