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Would you like a proactive wellness approach to marriage in your church? Grace Marriage groups are where couples are refreshed by the grace of Christ and encouraged to be intentional. To bring Grace Marriage to your church, contact us today.

  • Focus on prevention rather than crisis intervention
  • Develop an effective marriage wellness structure in your church
  • Preventative approach that does not take pastoral time or church financial resources


Many in our culture see marriage as obsolete, archaic and “the old ball and chain.” The Bible lays it out as foundational and as a sweet oasis in the desert of life. The reality is marriage has become too weak and temporary. One half of marriages do not last and many of the other 50 percent appear stale and lifeless.

Given the state of marriage and the aggressive ongoing attacks against it, a proactive response by the local church is overdue. How does the church make a difference on such a large-scale issue as marriage in our culture? The answer is clear: Help make the marriages in your church and community thrive!

Grace Marriage offers the church a quarterly marriage structure and material where couples are refreshed by the grace of Christ and are challenged to intentionally invest in their marriage. The ongoing quarterly model is a positive and encouraging wellness approach designed for all marriages.

Intentionality replaces complacency and the marriage grows from being stale or vulnerable to protected and growing.  Then, the church is more effective in helping the family as a proactive wellness approach replaces the reactive crisis intervention approach.