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Are you and your spouse gearing up for an exciting vacation? How many of you could say one is the spender and the other is the saver? This can make vacation planning a bit of a challenge, especially when accommodating both the spender and saver dynamics within your marriage.


But…it can be done! Here’s how:


  1. Understand Each Other’s Priorities:

Take some time to have an open and honest discussion with your partner about your vacation priorities. What does this vacation look like? Is it a luxurious getaway at a five-star resort or a budget-friendly Airbnb stay? Will there be multiple activities or relaxed beach time? Will you make meals or dine out?  Understanding each other’s desires and motivations sets the foundation for a successful vacation planning process.


  1. Compromising on a Realistic Budget:

Now that you’ve laid out your priorities, it’s time to look at your finances and crunch some numbers. Sit down together and hash out a realistic budget that accommodates both partners’ financial comfort levels and vacation goals. This might involve some compromises, but remember, it’s all about finding common ground and setting realistic expectations.

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  1. Balancing Splurges and Savings:

Keep an eye out for deals and discounts for your vacation. Consider searching for flight deals, signing up for hotel loyalty programs, or hunting  coupons for local attractions. Just think, saving on airfare or local excursions may allow you to increase spending elsewhere in your budget: whether that’s a fancy dinner or souvenir shopping.


With a little patience, compromise, and teamwork, you can plan a vacation that satisfies both the spender and saver in your relationship.


By laying out a realistic budget, understanding each other’s vacation priorities, and finding creative ways to balance splurges and savings, you’ll set yourselves up for a successful and enjoyable vacation experience. Here’s to your next fully funded vacation!!