Benefits of Grace Marriage to the Local Church:

Establishes an effective marriage ministry structure in a church that is helpful to all marriages.

Places a focus on wellness instead of waiting for a crisis for the church to intervene.

Engages members of a church to be refreshed in the grace of Christ and work on their marriages.

Church members with great marriages are more vibrant and involved church members.

Establishes a broad-reaching marriage ministry without becoming a large budget item for the church.

Establishes a broad-reaching marriage ministry without taking pastoral time and resources.

Provides a great forum for outreach to help couples in the community. Additionally, the coaching provides a structure to plug counselees into for maintenance after the counseling is completed or while it is ongoing.

Cultivates leadership skills in a church by providing opportunities for members to facilitate marriage coaching groups.

Fills a gap in many churches by providing a marriage ministry to the church.

Provides a forum for many couples to become involved in and attached to their local church.

Allows the leaders of a church to set an example by making marriage important in the church and working on their own marriages.

Provides an implementation piece to supplement the Biblical teaching about marriage.

Benefits the church by providing an effective and ongoing marriage ministry without it being a drain on pastoral time or resources.

Grace Marriage provides another avenue to teach the sufficiency of Christ and the transforming power of His grace.

Benefits of Grace Marriage to the Participants:

Simplify your life: Grace Marriage gives you space to think, work with your spouse, simplify life and enjoy the family.

Grow in knowledge: Both spouses grow in Biblical knowledge and application to have a more enjoyable and grace-filled home. Quarter after quarter, both spouses grow in knowledge and expertise.

Connect: You connect with your spouse and other couples as you intentionally manage your home and work to have your time spent match up with your priorities stated.

Have Fun: You take a break from the demands and realities of life to have fun thinking, praying and working with your spouse on your marriage. Plus, you plan fun activities together for the next quarter.

Experience Marital Wellness: You focus on making your marriage great. It’s akin to physical wellness. You work on your marriage to make it more and more healthy.

Settle Your Mind: Having space to withdraw from the stress and demands of life settles the spirit and brings you to a point of greater peace. Plus, being able to rest in the grace of God settles you to have a better experience in life.

Reduce Anxiety: When you intentionally manage your home as opposed to having life manage you, it reduces anxiety. When I feel like life has gotten away from me, I experience anxiety. When I take time to think and plan, anxiety is reduced.

Experience the Rewards of a Great Marriage: It is tremendously rewarding to enjoy your spouse more and have a better and happier life. It is good for you, your spouse and your family to intentionally enjoy one another in marriage.

Get Motivated to Have a Great Family: Being encouraged in the grace of Christ and given a path to enjoy your spouse and family is energy giving . When I get settled and focused on what is important, I feel very motivated to go to work to have a great marriage.

Belonging: When you are doing well in your marriage and connected to other couples there is a sense of belonging with your family and others.

Provides Hope: Many marriages have settled into patterns and are not very lively or enjoyable.  When you take time to think, plan and work together, it provides real hope for change in the home.

Become a Better Version of Yourself: Growing in loving your spouse causes you to experience a better version of yourself. When your life makes the life of others around you better, it is satisfying and beneficial.

Make a Difference in the Culture: By changing your marriage, it motivates others to change their marriages and, ultimately, a movement can be started to strengthen and stabilize the family in our culture. By working on your marriage, you have become part of a movement for change in the American family.

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