The mission of Grace Marriage is to assist the local church to change marriage in our churches and culture through the transforming power and grace of Jesus.

Wellness is the effective path to winning the war for marriage. If we get couples working on their marriage before there is a crisis, the effectiveness of the investment is much greater. It is much easier to take a stable marriage and make it great than to take a crisis marriage and make it stable.

We seek to engage all levels of marriage in grace-based marriage coaching where each couple takes a big picture look at the family and makes a proactive effort to protect and grow the marriage.  In sum, we are calling people to put their marriage under grace and intentionally steward over it.

We believe that if a couple puts their marriage under the grace of Christ and intentionally works on the marriage, the marriage will be transformed into a more God glorifying union.

Grace + Intentionality = Transformation


Romans 6:14: Sin no longer has dominion over you (and your marriage) because you (and your marriage) are under grace not law. (parentheses added).

God’s Word tells us we have been set free, liberated, given an easy yoke, light burden, rested souls and are invited into the Sabbath rest of God. There is no condemnation for the liberated adopted sons of God. We can trust in Him and be anxious about nothing. Then, free and fully satisfied, we are able to fully give ourselves to others. Only, then can we richly enjoy marriage and put the grace of God on display for the world.

Many have tried without success to improve their marriages by their own effort. Then, one spouse quits doing their part and all improvement is gutted. A quid pro quo relationship doesn’t work because the quid stops and then so does the quo.

All of us have our ups and downs as spouses. We’ll have our good weeks and our bad weeks. So, if the marriage is based on performance, it is set up for a difficult roller coaster ride.

If we put our focus on forgiveness and loving despite offense instead of taking offense, our marriages can grow from the secure foundation of Christ. Our sin is not held against us so we can have a relationship with God. Then, we don’t hold sin against one another so we can have intimate relationships.

Our hope is a revelation of the grace of God – not in our improvement. So, a goal of Grace Marriage coaching is to encourage believers to be refreshed by His perfection, not discouraged by our own imperfections.  The foundation of everything about Grace Marriage is Christ and His grace!!!

Then, if you believe nothing is held against you and there is no condemnation, you are freed to listen to God’s Word and become more and more like Christ. No longer are you riddled with guilt, you see input as an opportunity to grow closer to Christ and one another.


I have heard the quote “nothing is great by accident.”  I have learned this applies to marriage. We must make an investment to enjoy a return.

During Grace Marriage coaching, each spouse will be invited to be strategic in more effectively loving and supporting one another. No longer will the urgent squeeze out the important. Spouses will work together to fight for their marriages and bring them alive for their good and the glory of God.

Every quarter, the couple will be taken away from the demands of life to take a big picture look at the family and be strategic in cultivating a healthy marriage and family.


The mission of Grace Marriage is protection, improvement and transformation of marriages. Then, if enough marriages are improved and transformed, the perception and reality of marriage in our culture can be changed. We believe if the grace of Christ and intentionality is applied to marriage, God can bring about miraculous change in the families in our culture.

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